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Kenneth Johnston was the original creator of V and has been honored by “A Created By” credit on the new V series episodes. Kenneth also enjoys “story by” credit on the Click to visit V Creator Kenneth Johnston's official web site!pilot episode. However his accomplishments stand out as one of the giants in the the SciFi entertainment industry. Without Kenneth Johnston’s original creativity, there would not be a new V Series today for all of us to enjoy.

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To the delight of the viewing public, WHR thanks Kenneth Johnston and ABC for bringing V Series back!

Click Kenneth’s image above left to visit his official web site to learn more about the creator of the wonderful V Series!

Episode two starts off exactly where it left off with Anna Visitor seducing the world.

V Series - Morena Baccarin as the Beautiful Anna VistorV Series S1x02 - Erica and Jack Discuss Developments

Erica and Jack are discussing what to do, and the fact that they don’t know who to trust…When we see a Visitor shuttle craft emerging from the Mothership, heading to the warehouse.

V Series S1x02 Visitors Shuttle

Visitors have come to ‘clean up’… Erica takes to a telephone box and tries to make a call to the police to report that the was a ‘massacre’ at the warehouse;

V Series S1x02 Erica and Jack call the cops

But we see that the call is diverted to a Visitor call room…the visitor tries to keep Erica on the phone while he tracks her position.

V Series S1x02 - V takes Erica's call

Then a V assassination ball locates their location…Erica and Jack make a run for it, the assassination ball in close pursuit…

V Series - Assassination ball

They round a corner and Erica smashes it just as it morphs ready to take them out.

V Series - Assassination Ball POV

Erica tells Jack that Dale was her partner for seven years; anyone could be a visitor, and that he should go home pretend like nothing happened and trust no one!

At her home Erica makes Tyler promise that he will have nothing to do with t

V Series S1x02 - Tyler's Empty Promise

he Visitors, he of course makes an empty promise, to keep his mother sweet.

Visitor Threat Assessment Joint Task Force is set up to assess the threat, if any that the Visitors pose, this information will be used to decide if the USA will have diplomatic ties with the Visitors. This would lead to the Visitors having freedom to move around freely within the United States…

Erica gets called into the FBI because Dale is missing…

V Series S1x02 - Erica Call Regarding Dale

It is implied that Ryan and Valerie made love ‘last night’ *this will be important in later episodes*

Chad is re-watching the interview, he tells his assistant Haley that he is not happy that he got backed into a corner by Anna. *Eighty million viewers tuned into his interview with Anna*

*Anna is seen using some very

V Series S1x02 - Anna's Virtual Wardrobe

interesting V-Series tech… A virtual wardrobe!  She looks at herself in what looks to be a mirror, but it is displaying different clothing, on her reflection. (“That’s fantastic Mummy” My daughter proclaimed!).

She is having a discussion with Marcus as using this V tech; He says that India has yet to make a decision about making Diplomatic ties with them.

Anna tells him to be patient, that the USA is the ‘lynchpin’ once they grant them diplomatic ties the rest of the world will follow…

2009 - V Series. Click to visit V on ABC!

Erica comes into ‘work’ looking slightly nervous, suspecting everyone; looking at everyone in a different light, as if anyone of them could be a visitor.

Erica is subjected to a panel and has to answer many questions to when she last saw Dale Maddox.  And others beside, eg: Was she in a relationship with Dale? *No way her taste doesn’t run in lizards!*

V Series S1x02 - Erica Being Questioned

An FBI agent assigned to the Visitor Threat Assessment Joint Taskforce visits Father Jack. She explains that people have been making reports about aliens for years and now they all have to be taken seriously, so that ‘we’ can make a threat assessment based on that information about the Visitors. . She is asked about the Man that died in the Church yesterday. He doesn’t give any information away.

Japan and Mexico forms diplomatic ties with the Visitors, Anna appears on the Japanese and Mexican Motherships, thanking them. They are waiting for Russia, India and the United States to follow suit.

V Series S1x02 - Anna Thanks Japan

Chad is watching at the studio “Oh Really??” He sarcastically says to Anna on screen.  His assistant Haley tells him that the country is split about the Visitors, as they do not have enough information regarding them, Chad feels it is his fault “I didn’t ask Anna the hard questions… I got played” He decides that he needs to show Anna that she’s not the only one that can get what she wants! He tells Haley “I don’t need Anna, and when I’m done, she’ll be the one calling me!”

Tyler takes Brandon to join the peace ambassadors.

Meanwhile on the Mothership, there is a human that was captured from the warehouse meeting, who is being subjected to torture by a very mean looking Josh Blacker (recently seen on Stargate Universe)Marcus states: “A new resistance would be unacceptable, I want names”

V Series S1x02 - The V's Want Answers

Ryan travels to Jersey to see an old ‘friend’ called Angelo, to get his wound seen to.

At the same time Father Jack is at the FBI head quarters to hand over the photos, he tells a shocked Erica (“You’re a freaking Priest??) That he intends to upset the apple cart.

After Tyler and Lisa do a bit of flirting, one of the many protestors outside the Peace Ambassadors Headquarters starts on Brandon, he knocks his leaflets out of his hands and roughs him up a bit. Tyler comes in both barrels blazing, and ends up hitting the man, leaving him with a bloody nose. This obviously upsets Lisa. A peace Ambassador punching a protester doesn’t bode well with the Visitors perception from the 50% of the USA that have not made their minds up yet.

Angelo helps Ryan by injecting something into his damaged arm, the visual effects of the cloned skin knitting back together is fantastic! But this is not all Angelo did; he put some kind of sedative into the concoction. He feels he cannot trust anyone, not even his old comrade Ryan.

V series S1x02 - Ryan's Reptile Arm!

Erica shows Jack out after he had handed the photos over to the task force, and has a few stern words for him, about not trusting anyone. He leaves in a huff.

Erica is called into her bosses office, he thinks she’s lying about Dale; he plays a recording of Erica’s call to the police. She tries to explain her way out of it, telling him that she believes Dale is working with one of the terrorist cells they have been investigating. She says that she followed him to the warehouse and saw him meeting with them, and that as there is a mole tipping off the cell she called the police, if this was a legitimate operation then Dale would get help, of not she would get back up, “But it didn’t work they never showed” she said.

He tells her that no one showed up as there is no record of the 911 call. He said the DEA had the phone boxes in the area tapped, and the fact that the call had be diverted is the only reason that he half believes her right now.

Dale’s a traitor … but I’ll prove it

V Series S1x02 - Anna and Marcus Watch Chad Decker

! she tells her boss.

Chad Decker starts his “Prime focus’ Show, the theme today: “Do the Visitors deserve our trust?” Cut to Mothership a very miffed looking Anna is watching…

Erica goes to see jack, he tells her he’s done. She had told him to go home act normal so Erica replies: “There is no normal anymore!” (Nice!!)

She tells him that he is the only person she can trust. He says “No, if I’m gonna do any good it is here” Meaning being a priest!

V series S1x02 - Erica and Jack. Click to visit V on ABC!

Erica then goes to see Dales wife, she tells his wife that Dales phone did not show any records of any calls to her. Jocelyn explains it is because Dale had a private phone for personal use. That is how he contacted her. She shows Erica the itemised bill from his private phone; there are two numbers he called, hers and another, (Shown highlighted on the bill) she tells Erica that he called the other number a lot.

V Series S1x02 - Erica and Dales Wife

Erica then shows her boss the findings with Dales private phone, the calls went to an untraceable number, but it all lines up to be calls to warn the cell, case-by-case they line up.

Her boss says: “Scary thing is he’s still in the wind”, Erica replies, “I don’t think he’ll show his face again”

Angelo calls Ryan when he arrives home and tells him that he had discovered everything about his Fiancé Valerie, and tells him he needs to leave her if he wants her to be safe, if Angelo could find out everything about Valerie so could the Visitors.

V Series S1x02 - Marcus Miffed with Decker

Chad has been called up onto the Mothership, Marcus is very miffed, he says “This is nothing but a complete abrogation of our agreement”

So Chad replies with a grin: “abrogation? Nice! Do you have one of those word a day calendars?” (I love that line!) Marcus does not look impressed!

“We’ll be looking for a journalist that knows better then to bite the hand that feed him…”

Anna approaches…Chad tells her that he did no harm with his show, he said he actually helped; as the public trusts him he made people comfortable with the thought of embracing diplomatic ties with the Visitors. He told Anna to check the poles; they got an up tick after his show.

Anna asks if he did it for their best interest? So he explains that where he cannot control what the Government does, he can help change public opinions, and that is where they true power lies. He tells her that it was free this time, but next time they want his help, it would be on his terms; then he leaves, with Anna and Marcus looking somewhat bewildered.

V Series S1x02 - Anna and Marcus confuZZled!

A news show with Decker tells that the Government has indeed agreed to commence diplomatic ties with the Visitors. A limited number of Visitors will be able to apply for Visas this will allow them freedom within the United States.

He says that The High Commander Anna is addressing the crowds below the New York Mothership.

She says the following: “On behalf of all Visitors I wanna extend my warmest appreciation to the United States! We are humbled by the generous faith, the courage and the good will that you have demonstrated! Thank you for your trust; it will be rewarded. We are of peace. Always!”

Jack is shown to be looking worried.

Chad seems to be getting ready to leave the news studio, when he gets an odd phone call it shows up on his phone as: unknown caller ***-***-*** Anna says: “I just wanted to thank you!” And disconnects the call.

V Series S1x02 - Anna Thanks Decker

Jack is waiting for Erica when she leaves ‘work’, so they take a walk together. He is most definitely re-enlisted! Erica had swiped a big list of people from the task Force. Anyone and everyone that has ever contacted the FBI about aliens are there. They are hoping to find some people from the warehouse. Others, that knows the truth. Others that want to fight *Where do I sign up?*

V Series S1x02 - Jack and Erica

Ryan had been left a card from his ‘friend’ Angelo. It has: ‘Cyrus’ and ‘51509 Gibbs Ave’ Written on it. Valerie asks who that is Ryan replies “Some Guy I know”.

Erica goes to Tyler and thanks him for keeping his promise regarding the Visitors.

V Series S1x02 - Dale Wakes Up!

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