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we have a preview of the second half of season three with  “Chuck Versus The Fake Name”.
This week Chuck goes under cover
as the world’s most dangerous assassin.

This season on Chuck  (Zachary Levi) favorite spy and nice guy is going through a transformation from regular guy to real spy.  And he’s become the government’s most important secret agent.

Chuck Season Three Overview:

Chuck is transformed into the Intersect 2.0 after another data download into his brain. This season, he knows government secrets, he has deadly fight skills. Chuck is now an official secret agent with the CIA working missions alone with offsite backup. His emotions still get in the way of his mission success, but then that’s what we love about Chuck.

Chuck’s sister Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) & Brother in law Devon (Ryan McPartlin) have moved leaving Chuck and Morgan (Joshua Gomez) to share the apartment they were in.  Morgan is now the Assistant Manager of the Buy More and things aren’t go so well for him and the “Nerd Herd”!

Chuck Versus The Pink Slip

Chuck, on a mission as Agent Carmichael, is tasked with stealing a briefcase from Yuri, a Russian spy.  General Beckman orders Chuck to shoot Yuri, but  Chuck can’t kill in cold blood. Finally he fights his way past Yuri and his spies and makes a run for it with the case!

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Chuck radios Beckman for an extraction and heads to the roof to wait for a rescue helicopter. But the spies close in on him and his only way out is to use a zipline to escape. Chuck is unable to can’t  bring out flash that could save him. Yuri captures him, but it’s just a training exercise that Chuck has failed.  General Beckman tells Chuck that his training to be a spy is over due to his inability to flash on demand.
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Chuck, now a fired spy, spends the days sitting on his sister’s couch, in deep depression. A giant container of  cheese balls are his only comfort.  Not even his best friend Morgan can’t pull him out of his slump.  In a stupor, Chuck heads to the Buy More to buy another giant container of cheese balls.

It’s not until he runs into Sara at The Buy More that Chuck snaps back to his former self and goes to Casey for advice. Casey explains to Chuck that she is on a to stop  a courier exchange.

In an effort to save Sarah and Casey Chuck accidentally knocks out a musician, then steals his clothes and takes the stage,  guitar in hand.  Using his flash skills  Chuck begins an awkward but  perfect performance on the guitar, while trying to signal Casey that an assassin is in the room. But the assassin is actually the man who Chuck knocked out backstage and now he’s awake.

Javier targets Gilles and Sarah. When Chuck sees a red sniper mark on Sarah, he leaps from the stage to save her.  Javier  disappears,  a swarm of undercover agents all over e club. Chuck has ruined a major mission! While Sarah and Casey scold Chuck for blowing everyone’s covers, Javier escapes, taking Chuck’s Buy More badge.

But  Chuck has confiscated a pendant from Javier that is a special communications device for Ring operatives, and is the first one to be captured. General Beckman tells Casey, Sarah and Chuck that she is putting Chuck back in the field and they must to work together to bring down The Ring.  Chuck is hopeful that his new cover will be something cool. But it turns out Chuck is back at the Buy More and so is Morgan, thanks to a small favor from Casey.

Ellie and Awesome announce they’re moving out, leaving the apartment to Chuck. Meanwhile, General Beckman tells Sarah that she needs to help Chuck keep his emotions in check.  She agrees and goes on to meet Chuck  to start  his new life as a  spy.

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Chuck vs. The Angel De La Muerte

Ellie and Awesome are moving into their new apartment. Chuck drops in after getting back from a mission and fixes their TV. Chuck flashes on a news report about the Costa Gravan leader, Premier Alejandro Goya, and learns that this dictator has been a person of interest to the U.S. government for quite some time. Presently, Premier Goya has been hospitalized. Chuck is called on to  report to Castle, while Awesome gets called to the ER.

Beckman explains that  the Costa Gravan leader, Premiere Goya is now an important ally who must be guarded.  Casey doesn’t like the thought of protecting Goya, as he’s  the communist despot he tried to kill  several times. Beckman order them to protect Premier Goya at all costs and Captain Awesome must do everything he can to save his life after he suffers a heart attack.

Awesome the awesome cardiologist, saves Premier Goya’s life. Chuck learns from Awesome that the Premier was poisoned and asks  Awesome asks to help the CIA because he needs some adventure, but Chuck says that Ellie would kill him if he ever put her awesome husband in danger.  General Beckman tells the team that she believes the assassin is on the loose and they must infiltrate a gala at the Costa Gravan consulate to protect the dictator.
Casey rescues himself fromBrandon Routh - Zach Levi - Ryan McPartlin - Click to visit Chuck on NBC the mission because he is a wanted man on Costa Gravan soil. He was known as the “Angel de la Muerte” in the ’80s. Suddenly, Premier Goya’s men are outside, but they’re not there for Casey. Chuck realizes that the men are there for Awesome,  Premier Goya is there to thank him and invites him and Ellie to the gala at the consulate. Chuck is able to also get invited by “stumbling” into the conversation.

Sarah assures Chuck that she’ll be able to protect Premier Goya, but Chuck is more nervous about Awesome and Ellie.  Casey radios Chuck to watch for assassins and tells Chuck to keep Ellie out of danger. But Premier Goya is talking to Ellie and has taken quite a liking to her. The dictator wants Ellie to be by his side during the party.

Casey arrives at the consulate dressed as a revolutionary guard. Casey sees  the assassin, who has a syringe in his hand. Casey pulls out his gun, but Awesome, not recognizing him, tackles him which scares the real assassin away.  The head of security recognizes Casey right away as the Angel de la Muerte and apprehends him.

Chuck and Sarah are able to rescue Casey, and with the help of Awesome and Ellie they track down the assassin before can make another attempt on the Premier’s life.

Chuck Versus Operation AwesomeRyan McPartlin - Click to visit Chuck on NBC

Awesome has been captured by a Ring agent, Sydney (Angie Harmon) who has mistaken Awesome for a CIA operative.  Casey and Sarah try to keep  Chuck’s from panicking about Awesome, but nothing seems to be working.

At the Buy More, Big Mike notices a change in Morgan and promotes him to assistant manager.  In the meantime, Chuck has completely lost his cool at work;  he yells at a Korean woman (in Korean), and kicks Lester in the face when Lester won’t leave him alone.  Awesome shows up at the Buy More to inform Chuck that they’re in trouble,  Sydney thinks Awesome is Chuck.

Later, Beckman tell Awesome and the team that Sydney Prince is head of a Ring cell in Los Angeles and is trying to recruit. Sydney has given Awesome a Ring-Phone, a communication device that only works on a closed network. Beckman wants to exploit Awesome’s connection to capture Sydney. However, Chuck  wants to protect Awesome instead.

Back at the Buy ore Morgan has been promoted to Asst. Manager and with Lester being the new leader of the Buy More “Bad Boys” decides to start a fight club in the warehouse area. When organ tries to put a stop to it Lester and his former friends turn on him.

Chuck is now Awesome’s handler and his job is to keep Awesome calm. Angie Harmon - Ryan McPartlin - Click to visit Chuck on NBCAwesome receives a package from Sydney that comes fully equipped with an earpiece and watch for tracking and communication. Sydney contacts Awesome via the Ring-Phone and tells Awesome to put on the earpiece and watch.   Chuck assures Awesome that this is all protocol. But it turns out that there is a bomb in the earpiece, and if Awesome strays from the mission at all, Sydney will detonate it.

When Awesome finally comes home Ellie confronts him about where he has  been for the past 24 hours.   Chuck steps in, making up a story about an intoxicated Casey being arrested and Awesome trying to get him out of jail. Fortunately for Awesome, Ellie takes this as the truth,  not for Casey who has no idea Chuck has made up the story to protect Awesome.

Awesome and Chuck must enter a secured building to obtain the information for Sydney.  Chuck realizes that they have walked into a C.I.A. facility and this mission is a set-up. Sarah and Casey get locked in the surveillance van, unable to follow Sydney into the building.  Sydney contacts Awesome and tells him that his mission is to find the man in the C.I.A. facility and kill him.

Chuck finds a man in the C.I.A. office, who already knows who Chuck is. Special Agent Daniel Shaw swallows a mysterious red pill and orders Chuck to shoot him. Chuck refuses to kill Shaw, even though it would mean death for him and Awesome.  When Shaw shoots himself in the shoulder and falls dead to the floor. Chuck hides in the office and gives Awesome the gun, so by the time Sydney comes to the room it looks as though Awesome has completed his Ring mission.  Once Sydney leaves, Chuck finds out that the pill Shaw took was Amiodarone, something that stops the heart for a few minutes using the medical kit stowed in a desk, Awesome saves Agent Shaw.  When they return to the Castle Chuck is informed by the General that Shaw is the new boss.

Chuck takes the Ring-Phone to the Buy More to hack into The Ring’s closed network.  While there he gives Morgan some advice on how to handle Lester’s Fight Club (now fully equipped with an electro-shock cage). Morgan leaves and Chuck establishes communication with Sydney. He tells her that he is the spy she’s looking for and he arranges a meeting at the Buy More.

Chuck VS First Class-Morgan, Visit Chuck on NBC

Chuck creates his own trap for Sydney at the Buy More, but Shaw denies Chuck help from Casey and Sarah by holding them at gunpoint. Panicked and in over his head, Chuck tries to hide from Sydney and her men but Chuck is unable to flash and runs away to save his life.

Operation Awesome Extended Preview – Courtesy NBC



Sarah and Casey, draw their weapons on Shaw and run into the Buy More. Chuck uses the electrified cage to take out two of Sydney’s men while Sarah goes head-to-head with Sydney. But The Ring agent is too powerful for Sarah and knocks her out with a kick. Chuck runs after Sydney and holds her at gunpoint.  Sydney doesn’t believe Chuck is a real spy.  Chuck is unable to shoot Sydney, who readies a knife to throw at him. Just as she’s ready to kill Chuck, she drops to the floor. Agent Shaw has arrived just in time to deliver a fatal shot.

Despite the team going against his orders, Shaw congratulates them. Chuck informs  Shaw that  family and friends are the most important people to him and he’ll do anything to protect them.

Morgan has had enough of Lester and the Buy More Fight Club members. Big Mike offers more words of advice to help Morgan. Morgan fires Lester,  gaining the respect of the other employees, and also putting Lester back in his place. Humiliated, Lester begs for his job back and is put on probation.

Chuck Versus First Class

2010-Chuck VS First Class -Kristen Kruek, Visit Chuck on NBCThe employees of the Buy More are against new Assistant Manager Morgan. A mute Lester leads a group of evil tricksters to make Morgan’s life hell. While Morgan is able to avoid a “hot door knob” and laxatives in his coffee, he does get super-glued to the break room chair.

There’s another new boss in town–Special Agent Shaw, and Chuck is not happy about it. On top of that, Shaw, as the new special agent, conducts a review with Sarah about Chuck to find out if he’s a liability. Chuck is determined to prove to Shaw that he is a real spy.

Shaw reviews Chuck’s mission history, Shaw who now believes  Casey and Sara have stunted his growth as a spy. To remedy this, Chuck is sent on his first solo mission, undercover in Paris.  Although Chuck thinks he’s ready, Casey and especially Sarah aren’t so sure.

Chuck Interviews About New Cast and Guest Stars – Part 2 – Courtesy NBC

Shaw readies Chuck for his first solo mission, giving him a specialized KGB tranq pen to drug the bad guy.    Sarah tries one last time to get Chuck to stay, but Shaw’s got the first class ticket in hand. Chuck’s on his way to Paris.

Chuck is seated next Hannah, who is also in the IT field. Meanwhile at the Buy More, Morgan’s day isn’t going quite as well unconscious, he was locked in the Super Claw toy machine and Casey was the only one to help him out.

Chuck Versus First Class Extended Preview – Courtesy NBC



While at the first class bar Chuck flashes on a muscle-bound guy whom is his target. Chuck contacts Shaw and realizes that the mission is not in Paris, it’s on the plane! Hugo Panzer is a Ring Operative and master of close-quarter combat. Hugo is moving a C.I.A. crypto-key to Paris. Chuck needs to get Hugo’s claim ticket, get into the cargo hold, find Hugo’s bag and confiscate the key.

Chuck  takes a seat next to Hugo and awkwardly trying to spike Hugo’s drink without him noticing.  The pen fails and sprays Hugo in the face and he recognizes that the liquid is not ink! Hugo grabs Chuck by the neck, but luckily Chuck is able to squirt the sedative directly into Hugo’s mouth, knocking him out. Chuck grabs Hugo’s claim ticket

While Casey calls Sarah to check up on Chuck, Morgan interrupts and asks Casey to help him gain the respect of the Buy More employees. Lucky for Morgan, Casey hates insurgents–people who don’t follow

Chuck goes down to the cargo hold to find Hugo’s bag which ends up being a coffin. Hugo is electro-shocked awake by his specialized watch. Chuck opens the casket and finds the key taped to the corpse’s hand and he squeamishly detaches it. However Hugo has made his way down to the cargo hold and Chuck needs Sarah’s help. But when Chuck calls her, she doesn’t pick up. Chuck, really on his own this time, is out of options and hides in the coffin, desperate he calls  Casey for help. Casey tells him act like a girl and flash on a weapon or die.

Stone Cold Steve Austin, Visit Chuck on NBCHugo has found Chuck and Casey calls Sarah to let her know. Chuck gets his butt kicked by Hugo, until he finds a sword from a fencing team’s luggage on the flight.  Chuck flashes and becomes a fencing master and uses this new skill to swipe the binding that is holding back massive amounts of luggage, and just when Hugo goes in for the kill, all the bags fall down, knocking Hugo out.

Back at the Buy More,  Morgan uses Casey as his muscle and scares off most of the Buy More employees, all except for Lester and Jeff, who promise this isn’t over. Later on, however, Casey takes matters into his own hands and kidnaps Lester; performing a creepy brainwashing technique.

A successful Chuck spends the rest of his first class flight talking to Hannah, each revealing secrets to each other.  Chuck has never been to Paris, and Hannah just gotten fired from her job. Hannah is impressed with Chuck’s story of the Buy More and has taken quite a liking to him. Chuck takes a sip of a mysterious martini which is a big mistake. Hugo’s regained consciousness and has just poisoned Chuck.

Chuck frantically calls Sarah for assistance and she orders him to throw up, but another Ring Operative, disguised as a stewardess, holds Chuck by gunpoint and demands the key in exchange for the anecdote. Chuck takes the Ring agent down to the cargo hold, where Hugo greets him with a punch to the gut. Sarah, worried that Chuck is outnumbered by two Ring operatives, is surprised when Shaw radios in a favor to use a specialized satellite to take command over Chuck’s plane. In order to help Chuck, Sarah is going to have to “fly” that plane.

Chuck VS First Class -Team Chuck, Visit Chuck on NBC

Shaw reveals to Sarah that he has lost a spy before, and it was his fault, making him determined not to have it happen again. Sarah tells Shaw that she was in Lisbon burying Bryce Larkin, because it was the site of their first mission. Meanwhile, the plane finally lands in Paris and Hannah invites Chuck to come take a tour of the Eiffel Tower with her. But Chuck’s mission is over; the C.I.A. needs the key, and he has to come back to Burbank immediately. Chuck leaves an open invitation for Hannah: if she ever finds herself in Burbank, come by the Buy More and they’ll be a job for her there.

Chuck Versus The Nacho SamplerLove Struck Morgan. Click to visit Chuck on NBC

Morgan is love-struck with the beautiful new Nerd Herder in town, Hannah. Since it’s Hannah’s first day at the Buy More, Chuck makes it his duty to protect her from some of the store’s creepy staff. More importantly, Chuck tells Hannah to keep his “install” trip to Paris a secret.

2010 Chuck Versus Nacho Sampler - Buy More

With Shaw on a covert mission, General Beckman gives the team their next mission: a civilian, Manoosh Depak, has just received a large sum of money from an off-shore Ring account. The team must find out what the money is for and Beckman orders “Agent Bartowksi” to develop Manoosh as an asset to get information out of him. However, Sarah, from her past experience with Chuck, does not think that Chuck is ready to turn an asset. This will require Chuck to gain Manoosh’s trust as a friend, and then burn him at the end of the mission.

Awesome’s still a bit shaken from all the secrecy and spy action,  and Ellie is starting to notice. Ellie found Chuck’s claim ticket to Paris and wonders why he never told her about it. Awesome nervously evades the conversation with her and runs out of the apartment, blaming it on the many kidneys that need his help.

At Castle, Chuck and Casey research Manoosh’s file,  he uses his credit card for comic books and video games, and has only had contact with one female in the past year-his sister. Casey then realizes that he has pulled up Chuck’s old file. Seems like Chuck and Manoosh have a lot in common.

2010 Chuck Versus Nacho Sampler - Manoosh, Chuck and the Sampler!

At the Two And A Half Amigos restaurant, Chuck engages Manoosh into a conversation by reading “Y, The Last Man” and ordering the very last Nacho Sampler ( Manoosh’s favorite). After inviting Manoosh to share the Sampler with him, Chuck bonds with Manoosh by talking to him about dropping out at Stanford and working at the Buy More. Manoosh confesses to Chuck that he has got something big going on and when Manoosh gets a call from work, Chuck notices that Manoosh has a Ring Phone. It’s clear that Manoosh is in way over his head and doesn’t know who he is dealing with. He tells Chuck that he’s got something that’s weapon-related.

Sarah to the rescue. Images courtesy NBC. Click to visit Chuck

Back in Morgan’s “office” Lester and Jeff have done a good job in finding out lots of information about the lovely Hannah. She likes sushi, classical music, and French cinema. Lester and Morgan believe that even with them spying on her, Morgan doesn’t stand a chance.

Casey and Sarah quickly run a trace on the Ring Phone and they realize that they have about five minutes before Ring agents arrive at the restaurant. It’s time to bring in the hot blonde-Sarah makes out with Manoosh in order to tranq him and get him and the briefcase he’s got, out of the bar before The Ring gets there. In the morning, Sarah simulates a situation for Manoosh to believe that they had sex the night before. This gets Manoosh to confess what he is making for The Ring-a weapon, a new technology that will change everything. Manoosh is shot with a tranquilizer again once they get the information they need.

Manoosh calls Chuck, looking for his briefcase and he plans to meet him at the Buy More to get it back. Chuck, Casey, and Sarah open the briefcase and find a strange contraption-and Chuck isn’t flashing on it. Whatever it is, it’s not in the Intersect. They take the weapon, and leave Manoosh to fend for himself.

Awesome confronts Chuck at the Buy More about lying to Ellie. Awesome wants to tell her the truth, but Chuck tells him that he can’t tell Ellie about anything or else they’ll both end up in witness protection. Chuck tells Awesome that the lying gets easier-and to prove it, Chuck blatantly lies to Ellie when she comes to the Buy More. Chuck tells Ellie that he didn’t tell her about the trip to Paris because he got two first-class tickets for her and Awesome to go to Paris for their honeymoon.

At the Buy More, Manoosh gets his briefcase back from Chuck and Manoosh sincerely believes that Chuck is his friend. Manoosh gets another call from The Ring, and Chuck, wanting to save Manoosh, tries to get Sarah and Casey to help him. However, Ring agents have arrived at the Buy More and they want their weapon. Meanwhile, Casey opens the confiscated “weapon” and it sprays shaving cream on him-it was a decoy. Outside, Ring agents, including Julius Burrow, surround Manoosh, but he’s got nothing to worry about-he puts on sunglasses and he flashes on Kung Fu mode-becoming the ultimate weapon. Turns out that Manoosh has built a new Intersect.
Morgan uses the information that Jeff and Lester gathered about Hannah to impress her. Morgan calls Hannah to his office and has “Swan Lake” playing in the background, as well as French cinema posters displayed on the walls. However, when Hannah accidentally tells Morgan about Chuck’s trip to Paris, Morgan stops hitting on her and worries more about Chuck keeping secrets from him. Also, Hannah learns that Chuck’s ex-girlfriend (Sarah) works at the yogurt shop.

2010 Chuck Versus Nacho Sampler - The Old Chuck Gang!

Chuck, Sarah, and Casey find out that Manoosh is going to Weap-con in Dubai, something Casey likes to go to every year-looks like he’ll be able to write this year’s off as a business trip.   It doesn’t take long for the spies to find Manoosh he does a special presentation
demonstrating the new Intersect. Once he shows off the amazing capabilities of this new weapon to the many generals and sheiks in the audience, Manoosh kicks the bidding off at 50 million dollars.

Instead of using the tranq gun on Manoosh again, Chuck wants to try talking to him. After Chuck tells Manoosh the truth about being a C.I.A agent, Manoosh is genuinely hurt-he trusted Chuck. But Manoosh decides he doesn’t need friends, and as soon as he tries to make a run for it, Julius and the other Ring agents capture him, along with Sarah, Chuck, and Casey.

Chuck, Casey, and Sarah have been locked up and bound to chairs while The Ring has taken Manoosh and the new Intersect. However, all is not lost, Casey, has a new laser pen that can cut through anything. Chuck must very carefully use his mouth to trigger the laser pen and get Casey out of his handcuffs. Once he does this, the three bust out of the locked door and chase after The Ring agents.

2010 Chuck Versus Nacho Sampler - Manoosh at Gun Point!

Julius has Manoosh at gun point, and although Manoosh pleads to make a deal with him, things don’t look so good. Manoosh decides to crush the new Intersect to stay alive, but Julius intends to kill him anyway. Chuck and his team get there just in time. Chuck holds up what he thinks is a laser pen to threaten Julius, but it turns out to be a small knife. Chuck is shocked, but is able to flash on a ninja star on the wall and throws the knife into Julius’s hand and then is able to save Sarah from a Ring Agent by flashing on discus throwing and using a plate to knock him out.

Chuck takes responsibility for his asset, and tells Manoosh that he is going to have to go underground, away from his friends and family. Regardless of how much Manoosh pleads, Chuck tells Manoosh that he’s not his friend, he’s a spy, and he can’t help him. Later at the Buy More, Hannah tells Chuck that she knows about Sarah (his “ex”) and Morgan hints to Chuck that he might know about his travels. When Chuck doesn’t open up to Morgan, he decides to hire Lester and Jeff to stalk Chuck.

Awesome, fed up with the lies, forbids Ellie to go on their trip to Paris (from Chuck). Ellie, frustrated with how weird her husband is acting, talks to Morgan, who also believes something fishy is going on. He promises Ellie that he’ll get to the bottom of it. Meanwhile, Chuck enjoys a glass of Johnny Walker Black alone, and Sarah isn’t quite sure that Chuck turning into a spy is a good thing.

Chuck Versus The Mask

Trying to steal the Mask of Alexander from a museum’s high security gallery vault,  Shaw is trapped. The security system is sucking all the air out of the room, giving him minutes to live before he suffocates. He signals Sarah that he’s in trouble and that he needs Chuck’s help to disarm the security system. Sarah scurries over to the Buy More and interrupts Chuck as he’s showing Hannah the Nerd Herd ropes. Hannah, curious about who Sarah is, learns from Morgan that she is Chuck’s ex-girlfriend. Chuck runs off for his “Nerd Herd emergency” and Hannah secretly follows.
Love Struck Morgan. Click to visit Chuck on NBC
At the museum, Chuck has five minutes to get Shaw out of the vault before he runs out of air. Casey and Sarah unsuccessfully try to open the hatch from above,  it’s all up to Chuck. Hannah appears at the museum to help Chuck out, knowing nothing about his mission. Chuck improvises, using Hannah’s technical skills to help him reboot the security system. It works,  Shaw is released and Chuck’s cover is saved. The museum’s innocent curator is so impressed with Chuck and Hannah’s work that he hires them to ensure there are no more bugs in the system during the unveiling of the mask. Shaw orders Chuck to comply so the team can complete their mission and steal the Mask of Alexander.

Behind the Scenes of Chuck Versus The Mask – Courtesy NBC



At Castle, Shaw brings Sarah her coffee, thoughtfully including the type of swizzle stick she likes to chew on. But Sarah isn’t warming up to his advances. Shaw informs the team that hidden inside the Mask of Alexander is an item of interest to The Ring. Their mission will be to secure the mask before The Ring does. Shaw assigns Chuck in the control room, Casey on surveillance and, importantly, Shaw and Sarah posing as guests at the unveiling. He and Sarah will infiltrate the vault and swap out the mask before anyone notices. There’s only one concern  Hannah has to come along, but Chuck thinks he can handle her.

Casey mans the surveillance van, Hannah and Chuck control the control room, while Sarah and Shaw scope out the museum’s guests. Shaw plays up his cover with Sarah, kissing her neck while he tells her where the vault is located. However, instead of succumbing to Shaw’s moves, Sarah stiffens.

2010 Chuck Versus The Iron Mask - Vasillis

In the control room, Hannah reveals to Chuck that the real reason she works at the Buy More is because of him; they kiss. The romantic moment is interrupted when Hannah notices Sarah on the surveillance video. Chuck looks at the screen and flashes on a Ring agent  Nikos Vasillis. Chuck runs out of the room to warn Sarah and Shaw, leaving Hannah alone and confused.

Once Chuck informs Shaw and Sarah of Vasillis, Shaw aborts the mission. Vasillis can’t know that Shaw is alive,  on a prior mission Shaw set Vasillis’s face on fire and he’s sure the Ring agent will recognize him. Sarah and Chuck decide to swap out the mask while Shaw makes a break for it — but to Hannah, who is watching everything from the control room, it looks like Chuck is running off with his ex-girlfriend.

Chuck shuts down the security system so he and Sarah can enter through the hatch of the vault.  Unfortunately, Ring agents soon follow Sarah and Chuck into the vault as they are trying to steal the mask.

Hannah is in the control room with the museum’s curator, who is in a state of panic because the doors to the vault won’t open for the mask’s debut (thanks to Chuck). However, Sarah’s fighting skills allow Chuck to swap the masks out just in time before Hannah opens the vault’s doors for the big reveal.

When Chuck tries to clear things up with Hannah, she is mad at  him for abandoning her and going off with Sarah. Chuck, unable to give a good explanation, seems to have ruined any romantic chance he might have had with his new Nerd Herd companion.

The next day, Morgan wimps out in confronting Chuck about his secrecy. Back at the museum, Ring agent Vasillis reviews the surveillance footage from the previous night and believes that Chuck used Hannah to access the security system. Under the guise of a museum official, Vasillis calls the Buy More to hire Hannah to come in for another service call. The new and ambitious Nerd Herder hops at this opportunity.

When Hannah arrives at the museum, Vasillis escorts her into the vault, locking her in and programming the oxygen in the room to come out. He calls Chuck and threatens that if he doesn’t bring the mask back to him in 50 minutes, Hannah will be dead.

2010 Chuck Versus The Iron Mask - Hannah Near Death
Later  Shaw and Sarah investigate the mask only to release a dangerous poison, Cyclosarin and they only have an hour to find a cure. Chuck believes the antidote is at the museum. He rounds Casey up to save Hannah, Shaw, and Sarah.

On the way there, Chuck hatches a plan to use a smoke grenade to trick Vasillis into revealing the location of the antidote. Meanwhile, Shaw admits to Sarah that he was hitting on her and what’s more surprising is that Sarah admits she liked it. Sarah’s condition worsens and as soon as the room is clear of the poison, Shaw carries her out to the museum to get the antidote as soon as possible.

2010 Chuck Versus The Iron Mask - Fake Nerve Gas

Chuck confronts Vasillis and fools him into thinking that the fake mask has the poisonous gas in it. The counteragent to the poison is in a vase, and Chuck rushes to flash on the right one. Hannah passes out in the vault. He flashes on the right vase, gets the antidote and gives it to Casey, who then gives it to Shaw and Sarah. Chuck opens the door to the vault and saves Hannah. Realizing that Chuck has just saved her life, Hannah forgives him for leaving her the night before. All is not well though, as Vasillis has recognized Shaw.

Sarah and Shaw tell Chuck that it’s time for his “training wheels” to come off, meaning he’s going to be in charge of his own missions very soon. Sarah takes Chuck aside and tells him that she thinks Hannah is great, and Chuck thinks Shaw is good for Sarah. The two leave their past on a bittersweet note and are ready to move on to new relationships.

Later that night at the Buy More, Ellie and Morgan are ready to see what Chuck’s big secret is. They find him sneaking into the home theatre and when they draw back the curtains they find Chuck and Hannah making out. Ellie is happy to see Chuck with his “secret girlfriend,” but Morgan seems a bit heartbroken. He thought he had a shot at Hannah.

2010 Chuck Versus The Iron Mask - Chuck and Hannah Kiss!

While Hannah and Chuck neck at the Buy More, Shaw and Sarah get closer at Castle. Shaw assures Sarah that he’s the safest guy she’ll know. In a scene from the Ring’s mysterious chamber, Vasillis informs his bosses that Shaw is indeed still alive. As soon as the words leave his mouth, Vasillis is assassinated.

And that is the end of the first part of season three.  If you’ve missed any of the episodes this will keep you on track of the events so far if you haven’t had time to watch any of the episodes online.  Don’t forget to watch or record tomorrows new episode one NBC.

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