Public Service Announcement: Help Chile Earthquake Victims!


Two major earthquakes in 2010! First in Haiti and now an 8.8 quake in Chile!

WHR is suspeding our regular franchise series and convention news coverage for 24 hours to focus ourselves and visitors on helping the victims of the tragic and devastating 8.8 earthquake that has hit Chile. We will continue to seek non direct donations (meaning we make phone calls to get people to donate to official charity agencies).

Devastation in Chile. Please Donate Now!

Thank you for your donations to help the millions impacted in Chile and Haiti. WHR will resume our normal programming tomorrow.

Local Chilean in front of devasted church! Donate NOW!Tens of thousands of people are feared dead and several million have been impacted by this disaster. Therefore it is inappropriate for us at this time to do anything other than help try to send aid to the official agencies from the United States and around the world to help coordinate relief and aid efforts in Chile.

As with the Haiti disaster, Please do not send food, clothing or supplies yourself as logistics to coordinate delivery is better left to agencies whom are better equipped than any of us to get the people, food, water and medicines required to help the Haitian people recover from this disaster of nearly unparalleled proportions.

How can you our friends and visitors of WormholeRiders Help? Donate money. NOW. The image links will take you places where you can make a directed donation to the charity of your choice.Click to visit WR_Systems (Kenn) on Twitter

Please be careful with your donations by using one of the verified sources noted below as there are already Internet hackers, criminals and huckster’s who are only trying to ‘make a buck’ by tricking you into surrendering your bank account information.

Thank you for helping the people of Chile and Haiti recover from these devastating earthquakes!

Click to visit CARE

Cllick to visit Doctors Without Borders

Click to visit Etsy to make a charity purchase!

Click to visit Unicef USAClick to visit David Hewlett's charity supporting Dr's without Borders

More Complete Verified Charity Lists are Available at:

Click to visit CNN Impact

Click to visit ABC Haiti Relief

Click to visit MSNBC Haiti Releif

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  1. I usually don’t ordinarily post on many Blogs, still I just has to say thank you for Public Service Announcement: Help Chile Earthquake Victims! – WormholeRiders… keep up the amazing work. Ok unfortunately its time to get to school.

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