Fringe Review: Season 2 Episode 15 Jacksonville Trailer Analysis


Hey Fringe Fans,

Click to visit Fringe on FOX The first of April will mark the return of Fringe after the arduous seven week hiatus following the “Winter Finale” of Jacksonville.

As you can see in the promo below, it appears as though much of the backstory regarding Walter’s past and Peter’s true origins will be explained in the next new episode to airJacksonville, if you recall, left us with Olivia – about to go on a “date” with Peter – discovering that Click to visit Fringe on 20th Century Fox Studios!Peter glimmers: that is, he is from the Other Side.

Given Walter’s request that Olivia keep the secret from Peter and the opening scene of the promotional trailer, it looks like Walter is going to have to explain the story in depth to Olivia – she is certainly not the type to let a discovery of such magnitude slide without wanting to learn more.


I assume that the new episode will start off immediately following Jacksonville, though I don’t know what explanation Olivia could possibly give Peter to talk alone with Walter; as competent an agent as Olivia is, I think she would have a hard time hiding something so big from Peter – at least initially. I doubt that Peter will be made aware of the truth any time soon, and I think that when he does find out, all hell may very well break loose. I would like to see Peter not fly off the handle immediately, but I also think that he is going to feel betrayed – rightfully so – that Olivia knew and didn’t tell him as soon as she found out.

It looks as though we will finally get all the details behind the accumulation of hints and allusions that have amassed in the last year and a half of Fringe. Usually it is Walter who makes an off-hand comment about something that does not quite add up; for example, his comment to Astrid that he could not let Peter die “again”.  So far we know that Peter was sick as a child, that at some point he and Walter almost died in a car accident when their car went through ice, that “our” Peter (the one we know now) was also sick throughout school and suffered from night terrors, and that Peter and Walter sometimes appear to have conflicting memories from Peter’s childhood.

I am very curious as to whether we will learn more of the science and physics behind how exactly Walter was able to cross over to the other side in order to “steal” Peter. In the trailer Walter tells Olivia that he created a device to use as a “window into another world” and I think that he was probably looking for a reality (because there are potentially infinitely many) similar enough to his own that he could actually find another Peter. It also sounds as though after finding the reality, Walter tried (and obviously succeeded) to create a wormhole to another world – with potentially disastrous consequences.

One thing I am a little worried about – but I won’t fuss over until we actually see the episode – is that the timeline in terms of cause and effect seems a little bit off. It sounds as though Walter’s impetus for creating a means by which to cross over to another World was to save Peter who died in 1985, but we already know that Walter and Bell had somehow managed to acquire objects from another reality which they used in the Cortexiphan trials from 1981 to 1983. Perhaps Walter had been planning to cross between realities ever since Peter first got sick as young boy, and thus already had the technology “perfected” when Peter died.

Intriguingly, it appears as though Nina always knew about Peter: if you watch closely in several of the trailer scenes you can certainly see Nina, which suggests that – given that there is an alive-and-well Peter Bishop wandering around – she certainly knows more than she has ever let on; given that she is William Bell’s right hand, this is not exactly surprising.

Nina Sharp

Nina Sharp (far left)

I also wonder who this woman will turn out to be? Perhaps another mysterious member of the Bishop family?

Unknown Blonde Lady

Unknown Blonde Woman

It also certainly looks as though Peter’s mother was well aware of what her husband had done – that is, stealing a child from another World. It  puts an entirely new spin on the catchphrase that she and Peter shared: “be a better man than your father”. I think that while she certainly had moral quandaries about what Walter had done, what mother wouldn’t want her child back?

Mrs Bishop

Mrs. Bishop?

Given that I have now read far more into the promotional trailer than I had ever intended, especially since it will remain pure supposition until the episode airs, I think I ought to save any further analysis until the episode airs. I have a feeling the next six weeks are going to be long ones!

To help tide you over, check out this video of some of Josh Jackson’s thoughts on the upcoming events of Fringe:


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8 thoughts on “Fringe Review: Season 2 Episode 15 Jacksonville Trailer Analysis

  1. Great comments! I was just wondering if anyone knew what the music was, it’s wonderful!

  2. I’m really looking forward to know more about the fire that killed Carla. Feels that is something important.
    We still don’t know exactly what caused the fire and why Walter was charged with manslaughter when she died. Obviously it was something serious, because Walter had a breakdown and ended up in St. Claire’s.

    The next episode will bring us the story behind Peter’s death and kidnap, and possibly a glimpse of the experiments that Walter and Bell did. Carla was there for all of that.

    In episode “Bad dreams” S01E17 we see the tape of when Olivia started the fire as a child. I’m pretty sure that the female voice is Carla’s.

    Hummm… These two unexpected fires. Maybe both with casualties… Could the fire in the lab that killed Carla be another experiment gonne bad with the cortexiphan kids again? Or these two fires are simply a coincidence?

    I even have another theory about the mysterious Brennan that was mentioned in the same tape, but i’ll keep that to a comment of who might be the person activating the cortexiphan kids.

  3. Hello Naddy!!!!
    I just wanted to leave here a theory, i don’t know what you’ll think of it, but… could “Unknown Blonde Woman” be Carla? The assistant that died in the fire in Walter’s Lab? We hear about her once in awhile during the show… But her, her relationship with walter and the way she died is a story that we haven’t seen explained yet.
    Plus the timeline matches… At that time she was alive and working in the lab… close to Walter, it will be completely normal for her being at Peter’s funeral…
    Just a thought.

    Best wishes
    Stay shiny!
    🙂 *

  4. Hey Naddy! Great post, and great reflections! You just spurred me on another set of reflections of my own – on top of those you spurred me on with your comments in the chat room during The Fringe Report’s live airing last night 😉 It looks like my already long, second Fringe hiatus post is going to be even longer 😉 Please don’t stop reading more into the promo, we promise, we won’t judge you for it lol. See you next Wednesday in TFR’s chatroom!

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