Stay Tuned We’re Not Done Yet!

Hey there WormholeRiders!

Everyone is either home or almost there but don’t worry we’re still working hard on our coverage from Chicago Stargate and Dragon Con. There is a lot of information for us to process and as you know we also have day jobs and horses to take care of.

To give you an idea of the amount of information to upload to the servers, there are 700 files alone from the Farscape panel on Monday! Multiply that by about 6 and you’ll have the amount of coverage we got!

Coming up we’ll have panel reviews from both Chicago Stargate and Dragon Con, interviews, pictures and more so stay tuned! I hope everyone has seen one of our awesome surprises up on our splash page! If you haven’t you can see it below! We thank you for your patience! Coverage is on its way!

Later Gators!



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Thu Sep 10 , 2009
We thank Wired Dot Com for their courtesy and video embed

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