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I feel like I should post an entry seperate for our photo ops because they were just that great. Our pictures were taken by Craig Damon and the prints are just beautiful. I highly recommend his work.

Friday night White Rabite and I donned our DRD costumes and had our picture taken with Ben Browder. Ben was thrilled with our costumes. “DRDs are in the house!” he exclaimed. “That is fantastic.” He had a big grin on his face, insisted on checking us out and seemed to really enjoy our costumes.

Due to a camera problem we got to go back and have our pictures taken with Ben again! We certainly weren’t complaining! Once again Ben was thrilled with our costumes, repeating “that is great” over and over. Luckily Mr. Damon was able to recover our previous photos and we ended up with a really great picture of us with Ben! Don’t worry, it’ll be going up on the WormholeRiders Fan Photo Op page!

This morning White Rabite and I went, in costume, to get Ben’s autograph. When he saw us he smiled brightly and exclaimed “I was waiting for you guys!” Ben insisted on signing our photos to “1812” and “My little One-Eye!” He made our day!

Before that PlayItGrand and I rose early this morning to have our duo photo op with Ben and Claudia Black. Once again a wonderful experience! Ben looked very handsome and Claudia was lovely as ever. We were nervous and tried to figure out how we wanted to stand before we got up to them. We ended up between them with Ben next to Alyssa and Claudia next to me. Claudia, who was wearing very tall heels, got a good look at my hair. “Love your hair!” Considering she was taller than me she got a closer look and exclaimed “Oh you really did it!” For most of you who have never actually seen my hair, I’ve got dark brown hair and had my hair dresser put in the Vala streak. I love it…and so did Claudia!

As WhiteRabite and I were getting Ben’s autograph we got Claudia’s as well. “I know you!” Claudia exclaimed. I was thrilled that she remembered me from earlier. I chatted with her briefly and gave her my WormholeRiders card. She was excited and immediately turned to her handler and gave me one of her cards for INC! I told her we followed her on Twitter and she was tickled. She signed my photo “with love, Claudia Black,” stating she didn’t sign “with love” to just anyone. I was thrilled that she even personalized my photo. When I got her autograph at Dragon Con in 2007 she wasn’t personalizing them. While I love that autograph I love my new one significantly more!

Overall PlayItGrand and I had an awesome time at our photo ops!


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