Chicago Day 3


What a whirlwind today was!

We started out at 8:15 with the Sunday Breakfast and Silent Auction. The same format applies to this as for the Dessert Party – everyone eats and then guest stars go from table to table. Our guests this morning were Paul McGillion and Rachel Lutrell.

Rachel came to our table first, and she was very friendly. Having never seen her before, I was pleased. She asked us where we were all from. She said she was going to spend some time downtown before leaving, and so since some of us were local she asked us where she aught to visit. Since she said she had her son with her we suggested the Sears Tower [I pay absolutely no attention to it’s new name] and Navy Pier. Come to think of it, I should have recommended the Museum of Science and Industry or the Field Museum as well.

Paul came later and asked us how things were going. He asked who’d seen Starhole Friday night and most of us had so he told us a funny story. One time Paul was out on a date when Gary Jones called him up to see what he was doing. Paul’s date was just short distance from where Gary and Dean Haglund were performing Starhole that night. Gary then convinced Paul to bring his date and sneak in the back. Paul gave her warning about what they were going to and that he would be recognized by the 500 or so fans there. As the show went on and the audience members who get cast for the roles of Jack, Daniel and Teal’c die horrible deaths, someone – probably Dean – pretended to try and resuscitate him. Then from behind the stage Paul spoke into a mic with his Scottish accent and came out, and the fans went WILD. Paul’s poor date sat in front, completely shocked by the fan response at his appearance!

Racheal and Paul Chicago Stargate 2009

Then after a couple hours during which Jenny and I packed to check out of the hotel at noon, Paul and Rachel appeared on the stage together. This is not something that Creation does very often. The only other time I had seem them do it was in 2005 when Michael Shanks and Chris Judge came on the same day. Having two guests up at once can either work very well or very poorly. In 2005 Michael spent half his time trying to make Chris “behave”! Paul and Rachel teased eachother, but not excessively. It’s getting to be well known that Rachel was often targeted by the boys, and Paul is no exception! He would verbally tease, and Rachel would either give him a little slap on the arm – if he was within reach! – or sass back! It was very funny!

Joe Flanigan Chicago Stargate 2009

Then after a couple more hours during which Joe Flanigan was kept occupied with photo ops and an exclusive lunch, he made his appearance. It seemed to me that something odd happened. You may or may not be aware of a written interview Joe gave since the Vancouver convention in which he suggested that – very simply put – the actors in a series are expendable and unimportant. One fan attempted to explain to Joe that this was not so, but I’m not sure Joe got the point she was trying to make. After that, the tone of the room felt different. Or maybe it was just me. He took many questions and told some great stories, but the energy that I usually feel during a Q&A session didn’t feel the same.

The day came to an end with autographs from all three guests. Then, sadly, it was time for me to walk to the exit, take one last look at the stage, and say to no one in particular, “Goodbye until next year!” Then it hit me that this convention will be moving to a different – and hopefully better – hotel next year, and I am likely to never see that convention hall again! How strange next year will feel! I know that hotel and how things work there so well I don’t need to think about where to go to get to certain events, I just go! I’m going to feel like a fish out of water, but so long as it’s a bigger tank – hopefully with internet with a higher bandwidth! – I’ll manage, and I look forward to it! After all, Michael Shanks is already booked!

Creation Chicago Con coverage is just getting underway! In the coming weeks I will be cranking out detailed reports. However, I also have to prepare for the journey down to DragonCon with RadioStar! So much to do, and there’s only one of me!

To Ba’al: Can I borrow you’re cloning device? I promise I’ll return it!  0:)

Sit tight, this ride has only just begun!


8 thoughts on “Chicago Day 3

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading your articles. You obviously know what you are talking about! Your site is so easy to navigate too, I’ve bookmarked it in my favourites 😀

  2. I won’t rant at someone else’s blog so I’ll just add a couple of things:

    1) Since I didn’t like SG-1 at all, and I even disliked some of the SG-1 main characters, I HATED every time SG-1 main characters appeared on SGA. That’s my major pet peeve. Can’t stand episodes such as Trio, First Contact, The Lost Tribe and others that had SG-1 main characters on them.

    2) Even if Atlantis was still on, I still wouldn’t watch SGU. There’s not a single bit of info about SGU that appeals to me at all. The SGA core cast, especially Joe Flanigan, was the reason I watched Atlantis all these past 5 years, despite the sometimes, in my opinion, substandard writing.

    I’m glad you are looking forward to SGU. Hope you like it.

    As I said, I have no interest in watching a Stargate show without the SGA core cast, especially Joe Flanigan.

  3. Lovely report Grand. A high quality product in detail from the fan’s perspective. Thank you!

    Can’t wait for the follow on reports from Chicago!


    @Serena and TheFlanFan; Yes, the way that SGA ended was too abrupt. Although we should give credit to the fact they did at least wrap the original story with Atlantis’ return to Earth. It was also nice to see a number of SG-1 characters after SG-1 went away. But then for years I did not realize What ‘Double Secret Productions’ meant, and was happy that Stargate would continue in spin-off with SGA. For this I thank TPTB and look forward to a ‘Triple Secret’ with SGU!

    On SGU, it’s a little early IMHO to comment. Let’s not let our frustration with SG-1 & SGA cancellations unfairly brand SGU. After all, SyFy was and still is a hero for giving us 15 (series) years of Stargate. Nothing lasts forever, and we should be grateful for what we have experienced so far and what Stargate surprises may be (are) just around the corner!

    The real test for SGU will be when (if) the writers, producers, cast, and crews can create the magic we have already been fortunate enough to receive.

    Best Regards,

  4. Hi there!
    I really like your site and eagerly await all your con reports, they are so detailed and it’s almost like being there! Thank you so much!
    I must agree with TheFlanFan, however, about SGA. I liked SG1, LOVED Atlantis and in particular, Joe, but won’t be watching SGU. I’m still kind of bitter over the way they just abandoned SGA in favor of the new toy, Universe. I think I formed this opinion, for the most part, from interviews with Brad Wright on Gateworld, a few other sites, and from a Q and A he did on Joe Mallozzi’s blog. It was just so dismissive of SGA. I really liked the quirky humor of SG1 and SGA and am not interested in a dark, angst ridden BSG-style type series.
    Nothing against the actors or anything, just liked the previous shows better.
    I think I would have been much more forgiving and accepting of the new show, and might have even tuned in to an ep or two, if they had continued Atlantis for one more season and finished out the story, in conjunction with Universe.

  5. Greetings TheFlanFan! I appreciate your feedback, and though I don’t hold it myself, your opinion. Please note that I did not quote when I said Joe said that “very simply put – the actors in a series are expendable and unimportant”. I did not quote because I know these were not Joe’s exact words, but it is the impression he gave many fans. Case in point, the young woman who brought up the topic. She wanted to tell him that the fans appreciate the cast more than he seemed to think given that interview. She also said she was concerned about his implied suggestion not to watch SGU. Instead of addressing the idea that he doesn’t know how much the fans appreciate him, Joe centered his answer on SGU. I will report on this in detail as soon as possible.

    I am sorry to hear that you are not interested in SGU. For me, Stargate was all about SG-1. SGA didn’t have the same appeal and it took a long time for me to feel invested in it, but I did eventually get there. Given that the success of the whole franchise – including movies for Atlantis – now rides on SGU, it seems that the best thing to do is give SGU a fair shake and hope that it pans out well for the whole franchise.

  6. I don’t know what was said at Chicago con because I wasn’t there, but Joe Flanigan didn’t say earlier this year that “the actors in a series are expendable and unimportant.” On the contrary. He said that the WRITERS and PRODUCERS might think that the actors in a series are expendable, etc. He said that the SGA cast did a great job in helping build the franchise, but he didn’t think that it was seen that way by the writers and producers.

    (source – An online Q&A he did for the AXN Hungary site)

    Personally, I agree with Joe Flanigan. Based on what the writers and producers have said in interviews, etc, they seem to think the SGA cast wasn’t important at all. Well, I didn’t like SG-1 and I won’t be watching SGU. For me no SGA cast means no Stargate. The SGA core cast (Joe Flanigan, Rachel Luttrell, Jason Momoa and David Hewlett) are the reason I watched Atlantis for 5 years. I have no interest in a Stargate show without them. I’ll follow the SGA actors’ careers beyond Atlantis. But the Stargate franchise starts and ends with Atlantis for me.

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