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A lot has happened over the last week, and Stargate fans have many reasons to be happy and excited!

First, Joe Mallozzi did one of those those things that he’s so very good at: dangling a carrot in front of fans but keeping it just out of reach! The script for the first of hopefully many Stargate Atlantis movies is complete, and Joe said the title may be revealed over this weekend. Until then, he did give the working title: “Stargate: Extiction”, and this photo was posted on his dog’s Twitter page! Extinction?! Needless to say this “working title” raises a lot of questions!

Next, the release date of the long anticipated new cut of Stargate SG-1’s pilot episode, “Children of the Gods” (COTG) has been set for July 21, and is currently taking preorders here. As Brad Wright and Robert Cooper have previously stated regarding this new release, the Final Cut of COTG will have a new soundtrack to replace the original, which was a bit heavy-handed and derived largely from the feature film’s score. Also, the cut will contain several minutes of never before seen footage that was cut from the first release. At the same time, scenes that did not work as well as hoped – or were pressed upon them by the network like the rated R scene – have been removed from this version. Overall, it should prove to be an interesting retelling of the story we all know so well, and personally I am very excited! Want to show how excited you are? Go participate in’s current poll (on the bottom right of the page)!

Finally, according to, the release date for Stargate Atlantis’s season 5 DVD’s has been set forJune 30th, and is taking preorders here. This 5 disc set will be packed with features, including a new first for the franchise: extended versions of two key episodes, ‘Vegas’, and ‘Enemy at the Gate’!16 of the 20 episodes will have audio commentaries to accompany them, and there will be not one, but TWO groups of deleted scenes! You can see the full list of DVD features and MGM’s official press release at! Honestly, it looks like the only thing missing that fans could want are the booper reels we all crave.

That’s all the latest developments for now! Stick around for the latest! If you use Twitter, join us on our Twitter page to get the latest news on your mobile phone!


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  3. Is this release of COTG the one that’s supposed to have the fabled RDA commentary? Aw, who am I kidding? I’m going to order it anyway! lol.

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