Day 3: Teryl Rothery


Teryl Rothery is just this wonderfully bubbly person. This is my third time seeing her and she’s always joking, always chipper.  She has a habit of running down to the sides of the stage and hugging the people who come up to ask questions, and always allows someone to take a picture of it! Sometimes she invites people up on the stage and has a chat with them! Her questions to guys always follow the same pattern: “Are you married?” Then either, “How old are you?” or “Where’s the wife?” She’s been known to get hubbies into trouble with their wives, so now she always checks first!

More to come! Shortly I have to go back downstairs to get my autographs from Teryl and Connor Trinneer!


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Day 3: Cabaret and Cocktails

Sat Apr 4 , 2009
You never know what you’re going to see at The Cabaret. It could truly be anything. Sometimes the actors will read poetry, or perform something that they have done for other projects. Others sing and dance, and still others pull volunteers from the audience and direct sketches. Last night was no exeption. […]

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